Protest at the International Police Chiefs Convention

Join We Charge Genocide (WCG), Assata’s Daughters (AD), Black Youth Project100 (BYP100), and us Black Lives Matter Chicago, on December 22nd from 6-8pm at St. James Evangelical for a panel and community discussion where we will dialogue with community asking where we go from here, and address the possibilities for the real sustainable change we need.

The cries of outrage over the shooting death of Laquan McDonald have turned into justified demands for the State's Attorney Alvarez and Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign.  The Department of Justice has announced an investigation into the Chicago Police Department. The Mayor and the State's Attorney can fire all the top cops they want however the problem with the CPD remains systemic and the solutions for our communities must be structural.

The DOJ will not force the Mayor to stop allocating 40% of the city budget to CPD, and to reopen our neighborhood schools. The DOJ will not force the Mayor to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage. The DOJ won’t force Anita Alvarez to pass legislation to stop the decriminalization of youth, or to prosecute police that destroy our families and communities with their violent acts.

Everyday people fed up with the systematic racism, disinvestment and brutality targeting our communities from the Police and City officials have gotten us this far. How do we continue to move further?  

In January 2015, the #RahmRepNOW campaign kicked into high gear to pass the Burge torture survivors reparations ordinance that has been stalled in the Chicago City Council since October 2013. Spearheaded by the Chicago Torture Justice Memorials, Project NIA and We Charge Genocide, RahmRepNOW has included actions and protests intended to pressure members of the City Council and Mayor Rahm Emanuel to bring the reparations ordinance to a vote. Comrades from BYP100, the Chicago Light Brigade and other organizations have also led actions and protests in solidarity with the campaign.

On May 6, 2015, after six months of a sustained organizing campaign, built off of the over 20 years of work by survivors and supporters, the Chicago City Council passed the Police Torture Reparations Ordinance for survivors of Jon Burge. 

Music by FM Supreme.  

A number of Chicago groups have come together in the wake of Dante Servin's acquittal to organize a series of events during the month of August that will highlight and lift up the stories and experiences of cis and trans Black women who are/have been targets of state violence. Click HERE for more information. 


Reparations Won!!

Watching the Watchers: 

MLK Week of Action, Resistence & Power

January 13, 2015 - January 27, 2015

In the past few years there has been a tremendous upsurge in awareness around extrajudicial killings of Black people and other people of color by police. This has been marked by mass protests, mobilizations, and urban rebellions.

On October 24, 2015 we had a unique opportunity to take this movement to the next level by directly confronting an organization that is at the forefront of the criminalization and police killings of Black people in this country: the International Association of Chiefs of Police or IACP.  



Justice for Stephon


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Photo Credit: Bob Simpson