Alfontish "Nu Nu" Cockerham

Alfontish Cockerham, 23 : Chicago, IL

JUNE 25, 2015

No Rhyme

for Alfontish Cockerham (Nunu)


What quality of a life gets

measured by its death. Don’t

rhyme guns with drums when

a man deserves horns, sound

judgment, no reason to rhyming

measured by its death with

soul to feel the flesh

Give a man

all-on volume of Bolero

font for wild honey wine

cock-strutting applauded like South Shore Butoh

For we still here are afraid of what we can do

For want of you, for love of you

the new  new world  new tribune

new issue  new true

new buglers  new street whale strings

new high hangers

new songs  new time

new world inside


Darcie Dennigan lives and writes in Providence, RI.