2 Years too Long: Honoring Pierre Loury 4/12

On Monday, April 11th, 2016 at approximately 7:40 pm, Chicago Police officer Sean Hitz shot and killed Pierre L. Loury, a 16 year-old teenager from Chicago’s North Lawndale, West side neighborhood. Join us in Pierre’s neighborhood to mark 2 years since his murder and join us with his family, friends and loved ones to honor his memory.

Join us as we gather with Pierre’s family and loved ones to support them in their fight for justice & healing. Learn about the family’s fight to fire and prosecute Sean Hitz. Learn how Pierre’s family traveled to Cuba to spread Pierre’s story. Support the organization Pierre’s family created, The 411 Movement For Pierre Loury.

Learn how Pierre’s family has found healing through organizing with other families who have also lost loved ones to police killings. and how collectively they are empowered by refusing to remain silent in their trauma.

We will be joined by artists who will perform short pieces for Pierre and his family, as well as his Aunt Arewa Karen Winters who will provide updates on where the legal fight is now, as well as how she has brought Pierre’s story to international attention.

There will be light refreshments and food provided.

This is event is brought to you by BLMChicago Communal Healing.

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