An Intergenerational Collective Of Black Women Gather To Demand Justice For Anjanette Young And Police Accountability

Black women leaders are standing in solidarity of Anjanette Young and other victims of home raids. They seek justice and demand the elimination of no-knock warrants as a use of forced entry into homes. The revelation of this latest incident involving Young comes in a long line of questionable actions by the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department that is dismissive of the humanity and dignity of Black residents.

Once again, the City took aggressive steps to cover-up the grave injustice experienced by Young by blocking the public from seeing the gruesome video, which shows white male officers rummaging through her home, as she stood naked, handcuffed and ignored while yelling they are in the wrong house. For Black women, the images in the video are reminiscent of enslaved Africans being sold on an auction block while prospective “masters” discuss their monetary worth.

This group of women was convened by The NIA Collective and includes leaders from Women’s All Points Bulletin, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Black Women Organized for Power, the Black Remembrance Project and other compassionate and committed Black women activists across Chicago.

At our City Hall news conference Tuesday, Dec. 22 at 10:30 a.m. on the corner of Randolph and LaSalle Streets, we will call for Mayor Lori Lightfoot to follow through on her campaign promises of police reform and support the Chicago Police Accountability Council by shepherding its passage in the Chicago City Council.

This collective of leaders and organizations also call for the mayor and City Council to meet the following demands:

  • Release all videos and emails related to Anjannette Young’s case
  • Call for City Council hearings to address Anjanette Young’s case and other incidents of abuse that include botched home raids
  • Have COPA, which initiated an investigation Nov. 12, 2019, complete and release its findings by the January 2021 police board meeting
  • Instruct Police Board to initiate disciplinary actions against all officers involved  
  • Settle all lawsuits between the City and Anjanette Young
  • For City Council to review and adopt CPAC’s police accountability ordinance and other pending CPD reforms
  • Stop the City’s Corporation Counsel from flagrant actions intended to intimidate victims of police abuse