BAN Defund CPD Demands

Chicago spends nearly 40% of its annual operating budget, over $1.8 billion, on the Chicago Police Department. For years, young Black people and the movements behind them have called for taking money away from CPD’s bloated budget and investing in the resources that our communities need, like quality, well-funded public schools, mental health centers, housing, and other social services and community institutions. The Black Abolitionist Network invites our Chicago community to join us in calling on our city officials to take action to defund CPD with this list of demands:

Black Abolitionist Network Defund CPD Demands

1. City Council defund CPD by 75% and invest those funds into social services and community programs

2. Immediate CPD budget cuts, including stops on new hiring, weapons purchases, and firing cops with multiple misconduct complaints

3. City Council pass CPAC

4. CPD out of CPS

5. CPD off of CTA, and out of other public institutions

6. A stop to the West Garfield Park cop academy

7. CPD decommissions the racist and arbitrary Gang Database and eliminate the Criminal Enterprise Database

8. Closure of Homan Square and all other CPD black sites

9. City Council cease all negotiations with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

10. A stop to asset forfeiture, ending CPD’s ability to seize people’s property

11. Public and private institutions that defend Black lives immediately cut all ties with CPD and disband their private police and surveillance firms

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