Cedric Chatman, Bettie Jones, LaQuan McDonald & MLK


For Immediate Release

Contact: Aislinn Sol, Chapter Coordinator, (872) 395-8048, BlackLivesMatterChicago@gmail.com

When: Thursday, Friday and Saturday – January 14-16, 2016

Where: Chicago (See addresses at bottom)

What: Cedric Chatman, Bettie Jones, LaQuan McDonald, Ronnieman, Quintonio & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

1/14/16 –Today the video showing the murder of Cedrick Chatman by Officer Kevin Fry, was ordered to be released by U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman against the wishes of the City of Chicago. With this video, once again, the footage disproves the official police account of the death of a young Black man that the City of Chicago fought tooth and nail to keep hidden. This is the third video release in as little as two months that reflect years of criminal obstruction committed by City government to cover up a murder of a civilian committed by a police officer. The videos of Laquan McDonald, Ronald Johnson and Cedric Chatman were all released only after months and years of struggle including multiple FOIA requests and lawsuits. There is no true system of police accountability in the City of Chicago; what exists is a system of deep entrenched conspiracy to protect police at all costs, even after criminal acts of violence and murder are committed. Officer Kevin Fry who murdered Chatman, has never faced consequences, even despite over 30 complaints of misconduct filed against him. Officer George Hernandez, who murdered Ronald Johnson, has also never been held accountable despite 10 complaints filed against him. Officer Dante Servin who murdered Rekia Boyd, still has not been fired, despite recommendations to fire him by IPRA and the former police superintendent Gary McCarthy. The system of police abuse and government complicity must end. Rahm Emanuel and the entire system of corrupt complicit participation by City government must go.


  • We demand the immediate implementation of an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC).
  • We demand that all police dashcam and body cam videos to be released upon request within two weeks by passing the proposed ordinance which would amend Municipal Code Chapter 2-84 by adding new Section 2-84-365 entitled Release Of Video Recordings.
  • We demand the immediate passing of HB4356 which would allow for the democratic recall of a Chicago mayor.
  • We demand the immediate cap on CPD’s budget.
  • We demand the reopening of Ronald Johnson’s case and the appointment of a special prosecutor.
  • We demand the immediate firing of CPD officers: Kevin Fry, George Hernandez and Dante Servin for the murders of Cedric Chatman, Ronald Johnson and Rekia Boyd.
  • We demand the names of the officers who killed Bettie Jones, Quintonio LeGrier and Dakota Bright.
  • We demand immediate disinvestment in CPD and a reallocation of the operating funds currently allocated toward policing, which represent 40% of the City’s operating budget and result in $4 million a day spent on policing.
  • We reject the mayor’s proposal to equip all CPD officers with tasers which will cost between $13.3-20.8 million. Between 2009 and 2011 92% of tasers were used against Black and Latino targets. Despite CPD having purchased 600 tasers, police shootings have not gone down. We demand these proposed funds be re-invested in our communities through increased funding to our schools, reopening of the 50 schools closed, reopening of the mental health centers that were closed, housing for the homeless and a jobs program for our most underserved communities.
  • We demand immediate criminal prosecution of all police officers and government officials involved in the cover ups of the murders of Cedrick Chatman, Laquan McDonald and Ronald Johnson, including the city lawyers responsible for withholding evidence.
  • We demand the firing of all CPD officers who have filed or signed off on false police reports involving violence committed by themselves or other officers.

TONIGHT – Join protesters at 4pm at Rahm’s House, located at 4228 N Hermitage led by Lamon Record and Ja’mal Green.

FRIDAY – Join protesters from 9am to 2pm, Friday, January, 15, 2016, for City-Wide Student March for Educational Equality at the James R. Thompson Center, located at 100 W Randolph St, Chicago, Illinois 60601.

SATURDAY – Join  us, along with BYP100, Assata’s Daughters, Chicago Students Union, International Socialist Organization, Chicago League of Abolitionist Whites, Lifted Voices, Students for Justice In Palestine, Arab American Action Network, Chicago Light Brigade, Lifted Voices, Asian Americans Advancing Justice Saturday, January 16th 2040 west Adams st. at 9:45 am for a march and rally in remembrance of MLK’s work and continue Chicago’s fight to police Brutality, Inequality, and City corruption that has engulfed this city for too long.