CPD Police torture: From Jon Burge to Homan Square 5/10

Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge tortured over 100 Black and Latino men and boys between 1972 and 1991. Through over two decades of tireless work by survivors, their families and supporters, the full extent of the horror inflicted has been made public and admitted by the City of Chicago, resulting in the release of some and the passage of a revolutionary Reparations Ordinance.

Homan Square is an off-the-books interrogation warehouse or “black site” where Chicago police have disappeared over 7,000 people. Only 68 of the thousands held at Homan Square were allowed access to an attorney or allowed notice to the public between 2004 and 2015.

Join us Thursday, May 10th with survivors and co-fighters. We will examine the efforts to bring each of these fights to light, review the transformative Reparations Ordinance that was passed for the survivors of Jon Burge torture, (the first of such an ordinance in the country for survivors of police torture), celebrate the pending three year anniversary of the Reparations win, and examine each of the remaining fights today.

There remains over 20 people still incarcerated who were forced into illegal false confessions through the torture administered by Jon Burge and his henchmen. We will discuss the fight to free those still incarcerated.

We will also discuss the current efforts to close Homan Square and end Chicago police torture as a whole.

Food and Refreshments will be provided.

This space is wheelchair accessible.

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