Healing Village: Healing as a Radical Act of Resistance 7/7

Southside Together Organizing for Power – STOPBlack Lives Matter: Chicago & the #LetUsBreathe Collective will create a mental health space that is artful, imaginative, expansive and free from stigma. We will commemorate the occupation at Woodlawn mental health clinic to save the city’s mental health clinics from closing in 2012. We will also commemorate the Freedom Square occupation near Homan Square, a police torture black site. We will make the connection that mental health requires healthy communities and social ills such as racism, criminalization, gentrification etc cause & exacerbate mental health issues. We will create a space with programming offering many different forms of practices people use to strengthen and heal their minds. We want traditional therapists, gardeners, yoga teachers, reiki professionals, comedians, dancers, tai chi artists etc. anything that people use to clear or strengthen their minds to offer the community. We will build community around healing.

Our current mental health system isn’t working. It’s often difficult for the people who need it most to access this system. We need to increase access to mental health therapy and expand what therapy looks like. In 2012 STOP (Southsiders Together Organizing for Power) fought in a coalition called the Mental Health Movement against Rahm Emanuel closing half of Chicago’s public mental health clinics. The Mental Health Movement is still fighting to keep the remaining 5 public mental health clinics open and fully funded, reopen the closed clinics and make them the healing spaces communities want, need, and deserve.The art and community engagement of the space will demonstrate the community focus needed to address mental health, to lessen the emphasis on individual issues and look at social ills. The imaginative, artistic space will open us up to new possibilities for healing our communities and our minds. Chicago can get excited about engaging in mental health and pushing forth new city legislation to give the Chicagoans the healing they deserve.

The empty lot on 63rd street at Woodlawn, across from Robust Cafe

The first structures will go up July 7th and we will take it all down in mid October to focus on pushing forward a mental health ordinance created by organizations partnering in the healing village.

Artists, builders, gardeners, activists, therapists, and those identifying as healers or in need of healing to volunteer in the space to teach or facilitate a practice and build community in the space. Outdoor furniture, solar lights, art supplies, food, funds, etc

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