Meet Dorothy Holmes: A Powerful Mother on a Mission 8/16

Join us for the first of our Mother on a Mission event series in Healing Village.

We believe that sharing space and learning from each other is one of our best strategies for surviving and thriving in this oppressive system. As our communities are denied basic resources, economic access and governmental support, people have nonetheless continue to find and create new ways to take care of our own and push for a healthier world.

Come out and meet Dorothy Holmes, whose son Ronald Johnson was shot in the back by CPD in 2014, leaving behind 5 children. As a member of Justice for Families and a co-plaintiff on the Campbell Consent Decree, Dorothy is a leader in the fight for police accountability, resources for our communities, safe public spaces, and in building bonds of mutual support with other families impacted by gun violence of all kinds.

At 4pm, Dorothy will be speaking on her experience and her fight. Afterwards, we will hang out in the Village getting to know each other, playing games, and building community.

Bring the kids! And if you would like to support our efforts in Washington Park, bring donations of school supplies, book bags, and non-perishable food which will be redistributed to people and kids in need.