What is #OurStoryChi?

OurStory is an inclusive community centered project organized to show young people their value and self worth by uplifting their voices and experiences and providing them a medium to tell their stories in a meaningful, creative way.

OurStory engages the community with Poets, Activists,Organizers, Rappers, Singers and Comedians who exchange stories with residents through artistic expression and political education.  OurStory also intends to foster a culture of sharing, giving and reciprocity by giving away care packages and having black owned businesses donate discounts to community members and in turn promoting these business to residents to patronize regularly. OurStory meets people where they’re at outside in public spaces, be it the corner, parks, porches or in front of stores, we come to them and then we invite them out to our workshops and events.

Listen to #OurStoryChi

Youth’s Saturday radio program goes live via Urban Broadcast Media! Tune in 12pm-1pm.

Facebook: fb.com/ourstorychi
Twitter: @OurStoryChiUBM



From an OurStoryChi broadcast:

From BLMChi’s community barbecue over the Memorial Day Weekend on the southside as part of the #OurStoryChi project. Meet homeless Bronzeville community member and deejay, William Charles Strand.

Past Events

OurStoryChi launch event, May 7, 2016 (photos by Charles Alexander Preston)